These days, Steff, the founder of Effin Hair, is achieving her dream and then some, with endorsements from celebrity hairdresser, Jen Atkin and a huge social media following. Effin Hair has become world known.

Starting her career in Leicester, Steff’s inspiration as a young hairdresser was Lee Stafford and her dream was to become as well known as him and have her own successful business.

Today, with over 100k followers on social media, she specialises in what Vanity Claire calls “Instagram-famous weaves”. Effin Hair has worked with many influential stars, in the UK. Regularly working on models featured in fashion shoots & magazines.

Having suffered hair loss from other extension methods herself, this is what led Steff to seek a better, healthier, longer lasting way to wear hair extensions. Steff put her knowledge and practice into making sure her weaving method is perfect for both Caucasian and Afro-Caribbean hair. These two hair types have two completely different textures, so Steff ensures her method and approach is appropriate for each client.

Steff’s passion is to make people feel confident with their hair and make a positive change to people’s lives. Steff says: “The weave and Effin Hair products changed my life!” And she is ready and waiting to change your life too, with an Effin Weave.

As an authority in haircare and beauty, Steff has released her own range of hair extension care products, such as shampoos & conditioners, hair oil and even her own tanning mousse - ‘Effin Tan’. In an effort to pass on tips and tutorials to her wide fan base, Steff created the Effin Hair YouTube channel, where she shares some of her top tips and secrets for you to create your own Effin Hair styles at home.